The simple 3-step system to take your personal finances from disorganized mess to streamlined success!


You feel overwhelmed because your finances are disorganized

You have receipts and financial paperwork in multiple places

You're stressed because you don't know if you're financially on track or not

You're not sure how much money (or debt) you even have

It's time to get your money sh*t together!

But first, you need to get organized so you have a handle on what's actually going on in your personal finances.


This simple 3-step process will have your finances tidied up so fast, you'll wonder why you put it off so long

In just 3 easy steps you'll...

1.) FIND all your money

2.) DECLUTTER your finances

3.) SPRUCE UP your money's "home"

And set you up for a bright financial future!

* This might be the best ROI of any $22 you've ever spent. *

Christine Luken, Financial Dignity Coach

Hi there! I'm Christine Luken, the Financial Dignity Coach, and my specialty is helping people get their money sh*t together. (Former nerdy 🤓 accountant here!)

One of my many ninja skills is helping people bring order out of their money chaos, which I've been doing for my clients for over 15 years.  It's like a fun game of financial Tetris for me!

Step zero to improving your personal finances is getting organized. Why? 

Because it's hard to save money, pay off debt, and manage your spending if your money's a disorganized mess.

The Financial Tidy Up contains my proven 3-step system to streamline and organize your money FAST. 

It's time to kiss overwhelm and stress goodbye, so you can start making real progress with your personal finances!

The 3 Steps to Tidy Up Your Finances

Step One: FIND all your money
This lesson helps you track down ALL of your money, including some that you might not even realize is yours! 90% of Tidy Up customers find at least $100, and some find thousands!

Step Two: DECLUTTER your finances
Discover how to streamline and reduce financial clutter so you stay organized.

Step Three: SPRUCE UP your money's "home"
That's right! Your money needs a good "home." I'll show you what to add or change so that your money feels comfortable hanging out with you in large amounts!

Financial Tidy Up Bundle

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  • 3 Video Lessons (10 minutes each)
  • Fillable PDF Workbook to Get Your Money Organized
  • Almost everyone FINDS more money than they spend on the Tidy Up Bundle (90% find hundreds, some find thousands of dollars!)
  • PLUS your finances will be spic & span by the time we're finished!
A $222 VALUE, ONLY $22!

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How much money will YOU find?